Spa Trip To Fearrington Village

My mom, sister, and I celebrated a belated 40th with a spa trip to Fearrington Village. Here’s the recap of our stay.

The Spa Day Non-Tradition

When we were in high school my mom and her friend went to a fancy overnight spa. She came home RAVING about it and said she would take us if one of her picture books made it big. 

She had many best selling books in her career, but none that made millions. Now she has switched to art (and she has sold over 400 paintings.)

And so I just turned 40 and we have yet to do the girls spa trip! 

While this recap isn’t about a 4-night stay at a health spa, we did a mini version that was perfect at the Fearrington Village in North Carolina. 

The Trip That Almost Wasn’t

We brainstormed a million birthday trip options and had the hardest time finding a weekend, place, and reasonable price. We finally settled on the days between my sister’s birthday (Oct 18) and mine (Oct 26) and had reservations made…..and then mom had covid!

So this weekend was our second attempt. 

It worked out well because we got the rooms that we wanted at Fearrington for Friday night so we could stay and do the tasting dinner too. 

Thursday Dinner at the Colonial Inn

I drove down Thursday after lunch and had a special dinner with mom and dad (who had just returned back from his month in Nepal!)

Known for its Southern cuisine, we used to go to the Colonial Inn when my grandparents came to down 30 years ago. It has many fond memories! 

After a long ownership hiatus where it sat empty, it’s now a bed and breakfast (Thomas and I want to leave the kids at mom and dad’s and book a stay!) and a restaurant. 

I had The Orange County cocktail (bourbon + orange) 

And the Carolina Catfish with collard greens and creamed corn. Mom got the “Hillsburger” haha!! 


The last time I was in Hillsborough I had the BEST cup of coffee at Cup-A-Joe so I went there for more! I again had the best cup, plus a morning glory muffin for breakfast. And typed up the first half of post.

Spa Trip To Fearrington Village 

Fearrington is a historic farm just south of Chapel Hill designed to feel like an English-style village. On the property are formal and casual restaurant, boutiques, a luxury inn, and a spa. 

We headed straight to the spa for 11:30 body masks!

My Hydrating Body Mask + Massage

I had the most amazing mask (shout out to Megan!) with my favorite scent ever: monoi flower. It’s the same scent that I am obsessed with in this Beautycounter body set, so I knew I would love it!

My experience:

The velvety texture of the Monoi Oil offers super-hydration, quenching a thirsty skin. You are kept cocooned and warm while the mood-balancing aromatics and skin conditioning oils do their work.

Lunch at The Belted Goat

The Belted Goat has soups, salads, and sandwiches and was perfect for after our spa morning. 

I had a warm brussels sprouts salad with chicken, squash, and dates. Delicious!

Our Rooms

After lunch we went to check into our rooms.

Mom and Laura shared one room and treated me to my own room! The rooms were gorgeous, especially the bathrooms. 

My sister had ordered special chocolate truffles waiting for me! 

Grounds Walk

After settling in, we took a power walk around the property to visit the cows and see the gardens.

Dinner at the Fearrington House Restaurant

We walked over to the Fearrington House Restaurant for pre-dinner cocktails and dinner. 

The dinner itself was amazing – one of the best I’ve ever had! We did a three-course tasting menu, and there were surprises from the chef sprinkled throughout. 

The flavors, presentation, and service were all outstanding. I highly recommend! 

I had the Halibut with squash and kale

Dessert course…!

My pumpkin cake with pumpkin ice cream, meringue and marshmallow was one of the best desserts I have EVER had!

After girl time our rooms, I fell into my king size bed <3 


The next morning breakfast was served in the Fearrington House Restaurant and included in our stay. We had smoothie shots, croissants, and entrees. 

I tried the steel cut oatmeal with candied lemon, yogurt, and berries and loved it. 

Final Spa Appointment

When we originally booked our treatments they had to put our facials the next morning due to scheduling. It was actually really nice to go back to the spa a second time! 

I had an amazing facial with Megan

If you’re in the Chapel Hill area, I would highly recommend a visit to Fearrington Village for the spa, dinner, or an overnight stay. We can’t wait to return!

Thank you mom and Larbs for the special trip!

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